Our Mission

Last updated: July 10, 2018

Yoga Alliance® is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Our mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. We do this through:

  • Celebrating the diversity of yoga styles, traditions and lineages;
  • Advocating for self-regulation in the yoga industry and universal access to safe yoga practices;
  • Upholding the worldwide growth of yoga through education and community;
  • Educating the public on the value and credibility of voluntary registration with Yoga Alliance;
  • Encouraging safe yoga instruction by promoting adoption of Yoga Alliance’s quantitative Standards;
  • Inspiring members to foster an informal yoga community by providing fair and full feedback to Registered Yoga Schools, which fosters accountability and continual improvement;
  • Advocating to protect the yoga community from unfair or unnecessarily burdensome patents, taxation or government regulation;
  • Guiding yoga teachers and schools in achieving success with conscious and effective business practices; and
  • Serving the member community by supporting scholarship programs, providing benefits, and developing strategic alliances.

Currently, we have over 90,400 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®) and more than 6,200 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS®).

 Yoga Alliance Board


Our board of directors represents yoga teachers and studio owners from all walks of life. Find out more about our board and what experience they bring to Yoga Alliance.

 Yoga Alliance Leadership


Yoga Alliance staff is led by a team of executives committed to delivering unparalleled service, anchored by our mission to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. Our leadership team brings their collective experience to serve yoga educators and the yoga community at large.

 Yoga Alliance Committees


Our dedicated committees are comprised of members like you from around the world. Discover our committees, what they do to serve our organization, and how you can apply to serve on one.

 Yoga Alliance History


With over 15 years of service to the yoga community, Yoga Alliance has a long and exciting history as a standards-setting organization. Learn about everything from our past presidents to our introduction of new standards and everything in between. Uncover our story.

 Yoga Alliance Policies


View our Policies and bylaws for Yoga Alliance. See the policies.

 Yoga Alliance Financials


View reports, as well as tax forms, audits and other financials, for Yoga Alliance. Check out the reports.

 Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Join our team of highly motivated individuals in Arlington, Virginia and help support the integrity and diversity of yoga. View our current openings.

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Yoga Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) membership professional and trade association.

Yoga Alliance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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