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Lead Trainer Requirements

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize the below dates must be re-examined and addressed in a manner that best accommodates our global membership. Make sure your email preferences are up-to-date to receive the latest information on this timeline as it become available.

Intermediary Status Provision

We know that some Lead Trainers are E-RYT 200s and have been successfully leading yoga teacher training programs for years. Per feedback received from the membership, many of these teachers do not have access to an RYS 300 geographically and/or do not have the time or financial means to pursue an RYS 300 in order to meet the February 2022 requirement of all Lead Trainers holding the E-RYT 500 credentials without substantial disruption to their livelihoods as Lead Trainers and RYTs.

For these E-RYT 200 Lead Trainers who will have been leading RYS programs for three or more years, we will open up a one-year application window that will provide them Intermediary Status, which means they will be able to be RYS 200 Lead Trainers at the E-RYT 200 level in perpetuity. This will not automatically upgrade them to an E-RYT 500 credential nor do we discourage them from one day pursuing their E-RYT 500 credential. However, we designed this provision so that this population of our membership can continue their work as Lead Trainers with minimal disruption.

While the application window will not open until August 2020, there are some initial eligibility requirements:

  • Must be an E-RYT 200
  • Must have been a Lead Trainer for an RYS 200 or RYS 200s for three or more years at the time of application
  • Must have met Yoga Alliance’s continuing education requirements for the last three years
  • Must be able to provide three references:
    • One from an RYS who can verify Lead Training experience
    • One from a peer or colleague who can verify expertise
    • One from a practitioner who can verify ethical integrity

More information will come in the near future. For answers to common questions about our new standards, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Questions about our new standards? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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