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What Comes Next?

Yoga Alliance will commit to a process of continuous improvement and community collaboration in service to the membership and yoga community for years to come.

Future State

We will evaluate the needs for new future credentials such as one for more experienced senior teachers or for additional specialty areas, something 83% of SRP survey respondents expressed as wanting (see the side bar graph). We will also evaluate the role of mentorship in fostering quality, safe, and accessible yoga. 75% of survey respondents reported that mentorship was “equally if not more valuable” than the number of training hours.

In the Near Term

New! For our RYS 300 credential, beginning July 2019, the RYS 300 will be decoupled from the RYS 200 renewal. This means that an RYS that operates both an RYS 200 and RYS 300 may renew them separately. We will also allow for a standalone RYS 300 in October 2019.

RYS 300 and RYS 500 Initial Outcomes
RYS 300 & RYS 500 Timeline. View full size.

Audio walkthrough of the infographic pictured on this page.

Though most of our announcements center on changes to the RYS 200 foundational teacher training program, we do have news to share about our professional programs, the RYS 300 and RYS 500.

You can expect similar initial outcomes that affect your credentials to be announced this time next summer in June 2020. Aspiring RYS 300 and 500 programs will need to abide by new standards by February 2021 with current programs abiding by them by the end of 2021. Until then, you will still utilize Educational Categories and contact vs non-contact hours with respect to your curriculum.

Two new announcements:

  1. Beginning in July 2019, the RYS 300 will be decoupled from the RYS 200 renewal.
  2. Later this year in 2019, we will allow for a standalone RYS 300 program.

Stay tuned for more information on these near-term changes.


In June 2020, Yoga Alliance will announce enhanced standards to the RYS 300 and RYS 500 credentials. Schools applying for the first time will need to abide by these new standards beginning February 2021, with current RYS 300 and RYS 500 credential holders re-applying under the news standards by December 31, 2021.

Until the new RYS 300 and RYS 500 standards take effect, their credentials will still allow for Educational Categories and contact and non-contact hours as defined and outlined prior to the June 2019 RYS 200 changes.


Questions about our new standards? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Professional interest in updating standards. Standards Review Project Survey, 2018

For answers to common questions about our new standards, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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